Cortech Developments involvement in the Transport sector has involved the deployment of software systems across road, rail, air and sea.

The Transport sector presents a unique set of challenges for security. Infrastructure is widespread, including vast sites with multiple buildings. Furthermore, there is the protection and safety of passengers, staff and cargo that travel across towns, cities, countries and continents.

Cortech’s software solutions simplify this process by bringing together multiple silos of technology on a single operating platform [with just on database] that assists in reducing risk and costs, while improving visibility of data, speed of response and situation awareness.

Datalog acts as the central management system for a range of sites within the Transport sector. The graphical user interface enables the operator to view 3D graphic maps of various sites and buildings with icons depicting the location of control technology. This assists the operator in locating alarms quickly and maximising the speed of response for incidents across local and remote sites. The system also provides an audit trail of all events, including a full history database which can be linked to audio and video verification for each event.

Learn more about our work in the Transportation sector from our Manchester Airport case study

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