Protecting assets, ensuring the safety of staff / visitors and managing sustainable buildings is integral for large retail environments.

The consequences of fire, theft, assault, loss of data, criminal damage and safety issues, cannot be understated. While buildings can be rebuilt; damaged equipment repaired or replaced, the safety of people can never be compromised. It is the speed of response that is a key factor in reducing risk.

By way of example, Cortech have assisted large retailers identify false fire alarms quickly. Building evacuations are a critical life safety requirement. False fire alarms can incur significant costs in terms of downtime and leave your organisations vulnerable.

The Datalog integrated software management system detects and pinpoints fire events quickly and verifies the immediate requirement for the rapid deployment of resources. Organisations have a limited time period to instigate an evacuation, so time is imperative in establishing whether an event is genuine or not. Verification of such an event provides greater situation awareness, enabling you to make an informed decision within seconds.

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