Prisons & Custodial

Cortech Developments has established themselves as one of the leaders in the high security field with the deployment of hundreds of integrated software systems within the custodial sector worldwide, including prisons, young offender institutes and custody suites.

Datalog has simplified the management of many complex control and monitoring systems which can be found in numerous modern day custody buildings.

The custody suite and its operating environment places demands on systems which are very different from most security applications. It is a challenging workplace with the staff at the charge desk handling calls, requests, and alerts, alarms, controlling points of entry and exit with the distraction of a potentially volatile and hostile environment.

Using an Access Control or CCTV PC graphics system can sometimes prove to be too operator intensive, cumbersome and generally unsuitable for use in a custody suite environment. As a specialist software integrator our core business is based upon delivering solutions. Our experience gained within custodial environments has helped us identify and develop significant improvements to the operational handling of different manufacturers control systems.

Handling simultaneous events from different operating systems can be a challenging and confusing process at the best of times. Cortech have been able to witness first hand during witness testing that simultaneous call requests from cells, external intercoms and general alarms led to confusion at the custody control desk. At times some staff were accidentally being locked between interlock doors or forgotten about as events were being dealt with in an ad hoc way. Fortunately for the client the specialist integration software was versatile enough to accommodate the necessary operational changes required.

Datalog provides the operator with a single routine to interface between different manufacturers control and monitoring equipment. Using a common user interface is essential for providing a priority based and controlled response to events. Datalog can also help to distribute the workload by calculating and routing events to the least busy workstation.

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