The education sector presents a common set of challenges for the management of building, fire and security operations. University infrastructure is particularly widespread, including multiple teaching facilities, research labs, dormitories, libraries, sports complexes, and parking lots. These can be collected in a single area or spread over multiple sites, so they require a solution that maintains the secure environment yet doesn’t affect the students learning experience.

Managing sustainable and efficient buildings, protecting assets and ensuring the safety of staff, students and visitors is at the very heart of wider business strategy for many educational establishments.

Cortech Developments have engaged with many universities over the years and it is clear that even to this day some are managing their systems and equipment disparately across extensive campuses, which is a recognised risk.

Due to the sheer number of buildings spread across not only one campus but multiple campuses, there is a common requirement and need for visibility and control of multiple systems and equipment. Integration, smarter interoperability and centralisation of such systems reduce risk and costs, while improving efficiency and situation awareness. Put simply, distance between buildings and sites is no longer a barrier.

Learn more about our work in the education sector from our Strathclyde University Case Study.

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