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Introducing Datalog MV

Datalog MV operates with the latest version of Datalog and significantly enhances the control, flexibility and stability of managing a wide range of camera systems across estates.

How Datalog MV makes a difference and adds value:

  • Datalog MV talks directly via the manufacturers API, allowing you to benefit from many of the manufacturer specific camera and recording features, maximising the effectiveness of your system.
  • Datalog MV talks to multiple CCTV systems across multiple sites, which provides significant cost benefits when combining legacy and new technology.
  • Datalog MV gives you the flexibility to invest in the best of breed CCTV systems that align with your current and future security requirements.
  • Datalog MV provides an enhanced ‘video replay’ experience. Live, alarm pre/post and historical video footage can be viewed simultaneously across all connected manufacturers systems.

Reducing Risk

Datalog MV is a standalone system that allows multiple CCTV brands to run as ‘plug ins’ which ensures overall system stability is maximised and your exposure to risk and downtime is reduced.

This creates a robust system with the video ‘running out of process’ and therefore the Datalog 5 application will not be adversely affected by potential third party video SDK issues.

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Maximising Your System Stability

By extending our product portfolio to include a dedicated video management application, Cortech has simultaneously improved resilience and fault tolerance. Operation downtime is limited through Datalog MV’s self-monitoring system which cites errors and automatically activates a restart of CCTV ‘plug ins’. Meanwhile, operators are able to add licences ‘on the fly’ without shutting down and restarting.

System performance is further maximised with a real time status update on cameras that pinpoints faults and loss of recording.

Flexible Operation

Integration of existing and legacy third party CCTV systems is achieved via a single interface with multiple video display windows. As a new streamlined interface Datalog MV encompasses DVR, NVR and conventional CCTV matrix / virtual matrix operation and can also be deployed on networked pc’s to provide video wall technology.


One of the most significant risks for any control room management team is the failure or loss of operation of its video wall. Currently if your video wall fails, so do all of your associated systems! However, designed with resilience in mind, Datalog MV camera operations remain continuous in this instance.

Greater Situation Awareness

You can also manage your cameras based on the likelihood of someone appearing in front of a specific camera at a specific time which greatly enhances your incident management process.

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