How independent advice can extend your operational lifetime

How independent advice can extend your operational lifetime

Any investment strategy that incorporates software integration has to be considered with a view that it will have a limited lifetime and this risk will need to be planned for, both operationally and commercially. System manufacturers’ technologies are evolving faster than ever in order to stay ahead of the competition. This is shortening lifetime cycles and ‘operational lifetime of use’ …

University’s Smart Thinking drives Sustainability and Interoperability

Cortech has assisted Birmingham City University maximise its building efficiency through the integration of the latest building, fire and security technology. The University has invested £260m in a major campus development, which forms part of an intelligent buildings scheme involving multiple sites and buildings.  The programme started in 2009 and is due for completion in 2017.

University Benefits from Greater Interoperability

The University of Strathclyde approached Cortech Developments with the remit to maximise safety and security across the University’s extensive campus.  They were specifically seeking a graphical user interface that could provide a scalable solution that factored in their requirements for phased implementation and future expansion. This was the start of a process that would see Scotland’s third largest University and …

Cambridge University Press – Wise Investment

Cambridge University Press has a working relationship with the Cortech Developments Datalog integrated control room management suite which extends back well over a decade. Here the Press’s Security Manager Rob Marshall talks to Jason Barnes about the experience, and what the recent upgrade to Datalog 5 will bring to the party. Cambridge University Press is both an academic and educational …

Campus Security – Be Educated

Cortech’s Business Development manager will be one of the main speakers at the next IP in Action Live event in Cambridge as part of their Educational seminar programme centring on ‘Campus Security and Management’. The event is being staged at the Menzies Cambridge Hotel & Golf Club on 10 March 2011.