Added Value

Cortech Developments offer security and building services consultants a highly professional service centred on value and difference. We have launched a range of specifically tailored events and seminars and are currently in the progress of enhancing our partner programme structure. Furthermore we are on hand to offer our technology expertise and experience in the form of tender assistance, Architectural and Engineering Specifications (A&E), integration datasheets and system topologies.

Cortech Delivery Excellence Programme [CDEP]

Cortech Developments are in the process of restructuring our Partner Programme as part of a long term strategic commitment to driving the highest standards of delivery, training and support for Datalog 5 systems. This ensures that you are better informed and end users less at risk as they are taken through a structured process and clearly defined ‘path to delivery’ which is centred on excellence around Datalog 5, our core product. The programme provides visibility and transparency for consultants and end users around the level of experience and competency each reseller has attained.

Continual Professional Development

We host a number of Continual Professional Development (CPD) seminars for consultants to keep them abreast of the latest integration technology and developments. These CPD events can be organised at your premises or be undertaken via video conference.


We also host various Cortech Open Innovation Events [COIE’s] at regional venues throughout the UK for consultants that provide attendees with a thought provoking and inspiring insight into ‘smarter interoperability’ for workplace safety, security and building efficiency. These events also look at best practice for mitigating the risk for high security, multi and complex sites. If you are interested in attending one of our CPD accredited events, then get in touch today.

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