Departmental Update

Did you know that we have 316 active support contracts in place?
Did you know that our top 3 support partners are:

  1. Pointer
  2. Johnson controls (ADT, TYCO, JCI)
  3. 2Guard

Reflecting on this financial year in support it’s easy to highlight the many positives. A high point is certainly the fantastic news regarding the birth of Jenny’s baby, Quorra. Jenny will be back with us again, following her period of maternity leave on the 3rd December. We have agreed to, and embraced a trial period of part home working for Jenny. Work life balance is always important, and we believe we have this balance right.

Our call measures and the statistics this provides has continued to give visibility this year. This has shed some light onto the areas where we need to improve and has also provided some valuable insight into why it’s so important that we all remain focused on our customers and the experience we are providing to them, not just within support but throughout the whole Cortech organisation.

Our customers, our sales and our support growth are always a priority. We have experienced some challenging circumstances this year. That being said – the team met those challenges head on with a positive can do attitude…..and delivered.

After a difficult start to the year we have been able to recover in Q4 and finished this year on target. This has resulted in support growth being achieved. Cleary, if our customers are not receiving first class customer service then our sales are effected. Our customer satisfaction surveys demonstrate how our customers feel and we achieved 85% positive feedback results from a total of 63 surveys (54 of which actually scored Cortech 8 out of 10 or higher). The technical support and the delivery teams have provided a key contribution to this successful outcome. A great team effort.

Affirmed by the number of times the support team have been recognised and been thanked for providing Above and Beyond Contributions, the support team received 33% (9 from 27) of all ABC’s achieved this year. This is something I am particularly pleased about.

We need to continue to prepare for the future and plan to improve. As well as basic training in SQL for Sam, our support team have embarked on training in Professional Practices of Security Network Design. This training is ideal for developing a deep understanding of IP & Network issues. The course is delivered by TAVCOM and has been agreed as part home and part work based study. Once successfully completed this results in a BTEC Level 5 Certificate.

Did you know that we now have over 200 trained technical partner engineers?

The training department continues to improve in delivery, strategy and sales. Now targeted to align with our ongoing technical partner sales channel strategy the training department have established accurate training records in CRM and have maintained focus on ensuring that our technical partner engineers are being trained as our end users and Cortech desire them to be.

We have seen a good performance with our technical partner training sales this year. The sales target was exceeded and has closed this FY at 159% of target.

All training sessions are now measured and monitored for customer satisfaction. Amongst several other things, the questions asked are centred on establishing if the course we delivered met our customer’s objectives. This year we achieved a 90% positive feedback rating from 90 engineers representing most, if not all of our top 8 technical partners. This valuable feedback has also allowed us to identify areas where we now also need to improve – this will always be the case. That being said, I’m pleased and encouraged by such a positive start to the journey. This encouraging start was also recognised by 2 Above and Beyond Contribution awards (ABC’s) last year. Well done!

Of course – focusing on the professional development within our training department is also a priority. This year has seen Ian himself attend training in Delivering Effective Training Sessions and Developing Structured Training programmes as well as a basic introduction to SQL.

Did you know that we accepted more than 200 projects, including small works into the operations team last year?
Did you know our 2 biggest projects are Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Severn Trent water?

Last year was all about consolidation within the projects team. Process’s measures and procedures are in place and we are now seeking ways to build on past improvements.

Our project invoicing is reflective of the sales volume achieved thus we did not achieved the outcome we desired when we set out in December of 2018. That said, the projects team have remained positive and customer focused during the year.

Timesheets have been introduced so we can measure impact to productivity – this has been embraced by the engineers and is now a normal part of our day to day procedures. This data enables us to examine areas that negatively impact our ability to effectively and productively drive revenue and thus profit.

Our customer satisfaction surveys demonstrate how our customers feel about our delivery. We achieved 85% positive feedback results. The project team received five Above and Beyond Contribution Awards last year. It’s always encouraging when our customers give positive feedback.

I really love it when our customer say how great we are – so, what did our customers say about us last year?

‘Cortech are helpful, attentive, happy to work out solutions and see it through till the end – a great quality service’

‘a top fella that bends over backwards to help’

’10 out of 10 – any issues were resolved quickly and efficiently’

I’m really excited for next year. As we begin to now build on our product business strategy – the Operations team will continue to improve and will shape to deliver.